High Lead content in your drinking water can result in lead poisoning. Replacement with modern materials doesn’t just eliminate these risks, it also brings many other benefits…

Increased Water Flow:

Today’s modern plastic water supply pipes have many advantages over the lead pipes they replace. The new pipe is made from a flexible plastic making it very durable. What’s more, old lead service pipes provide only about a third of the water flow that you’d get through the equivalent modern plastic pipe.

Save Energy

Increased water flow enables your water dependent appliances to perform more efficiently, which can help save you energy and make your home kinder to the environment.

No Lead Pollution

By replacing your old lead water supply pipe with a new plastic pipe you will remove any risk of contamination from contact between your water and the lead of your supply pipe.

Reduce costly leaks

A new supply pipe will eradicate concerns that your water may be leaking from old supply pipes or joins. Leaking pipes are expensive as wasted water escapes and causes damage to the surrounding area.